Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Ash Wednesday

 As we wake to the beginning of our holy time, my mind drifts back to Jesus and the forty days he spent in the desert.  I think of the days before I knew there was such a thing as fellowship in Christ.  Yes, I did live a time I had no idea that Christ could not only be my Lord and Savior, but he could be my confidant, my Heavenly Father, and my best friend.  Where I once called him a puppet master, who led me into good times, a time when prayers were answered the way I wanted, only to have that yanked away and pitched back into the darkness.  The only darkness was the darkness of my mind, a mind void of the light.  The light that would not only lead me to Jesus, but to lead me to the one truth that could save me.  A dear friend dared me to accompany her to church.  I figured 'why not', and followed along.  

    It was then, during that service, I felt something different blooming inside me.  The Pastor said, 'And today, it's all about Mary'.  All about Mary.  He spoke of our Blessed Mother of Jesus.  And since my first name was Mary, I was flattened.  Of all the days to go to church.  I came to realize that Jesus was not a puppet master.  All I needed was faith.  True faith.  Jesus led me from that dark abyss, and the light shone.  

    Today, I pray for those who are lost in the darkness.  I pray for the people of Ukraine, all the service men and women fighting against evil, all the civilians joining the fight, and those fighting to protect their very lives.  I pray for those lost in the darkness, that the light may remove the scales from their eyes and flattery from their lips.  To soften their hearts.  

    Acts 26:18

 To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.

    Father God, I pray in the mighty name of your son, Jesus.  I lift those lost in the darkness into your hands.  I pray for peace in this world, for good to overcome evil.  I pray for those suffering sickness, and those in deep grief.  May your peace spread over this land, sweeping out all that does not come from you.
    You sent Your Son, so that we may live.  I thank You for saving us, for giving us peace that goes beyond understanding.  For helping us to stand strong in times of strife, and giving us the strength to carry on in moments of adversity.  
    Father God, I thank You for saving me.  In Jesus' name, Amen  

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